MusicStars Online Music Competition (2022) | Video Showcase

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Welcome to the MusicStars Online Competition (2022) showcase. To learn more about the MusicStars 2022, visit the MusicStars Online Competition FAQs page.

Competition Participants for 2022

Festival participants are listed in no particular order.

Beginning Elementary (Ages 6-8)

Annabela P. (Age 5) Spring (Vivadi)
Lucas J. (Age 7) Best Day of My Life
Caleb B. (Age 5) The Clock Shop
Malachi B. (Age 7) With a Yo-Ho-Ho!

Intermediate Elementary (Ages 9-10)

Madelyn B. (Age 9) Scarborough Fair
Valentina V. (Age 9) I See the Light

Advanced Elementary (Ages 11-12)

Layla P. (Age 11) Malaguena
Tavian B. (Age 11) Fiesta Espana
Nathaniel B. (Age 12) Thy Word

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