MusicStars Online Music Competition (2021) | Video Showcase

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Welcome to the MusicStars Online Competition (2021) showcase. To learn more about the MusicStars Online Festival 2021, visit the MusicStars Online Competition FAQs page.

Festival Participants for 2021

Beginning Elementary (Ages 6-8)

Luca P-A. (Age 6) Midnight Stars (Harp)
Malachi B. (Age 6) Pumpkin Boogie
Madelyn B. (Age 8) Persian Market
Rachel S. (Age 8) The Medllion Calls
Ramona L. (Age 7) Jazz Cat
Mario C. (Age 8) Cleaver the Beaver
Mercedes C. (Age 6) Au Clair de la Lune
Larissa N. (Age 8) I Just Can't Wait to be King - No Video Submitted
Roy K. (Age 5) Cool Groove
Tessa K. (Age 7) Over the Rainbow
Evelyn H. (Age 6) Showboat
Julia H. (Age 8) Malaguena
Edison S. (Age 8) Dance of the Irish Shining Star
Lottie G. (Age 5) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Lily G. (Age 8) Picking Flowers
Jenna C. (Age 8) This Is My Planet Earth Shining Star
Oliver J. (Age 8) Crocodile in the Nile
Reese U. (Age 6) Dandelion Fluff
JC U. (Age 8) Sonatina
Madelyn B. (Age 8) Russian Sailor Dance
Amelie T. (Age 8) Sonatina Op. 36 No. 3 (Clementi) Shining Star
Konan S. (Age 7) My Heart Will Go On (Titanic Theme Song)
Jasmine H. (Age 6) Le Bateau Sur L'eau
Lydia B. (Age 8) Give Me a Clue
Lucas J. (Age 6) Waltzing Elephants

Intermediate Elementary (Ages 9-10)

Lua L. (Age 10) The Nocturne Session
Anshu V. (Age 10) Arabian Tale Shining Star
Aisha N. (Age 10) Swan Lake (Flute)
Bethany S. (Age 9) Hedwig's Theme
Alyssa H. (Age 9) A Million Dreams (Voice) Shining Star
Marita C. (Age 10) Chester Chills Out
Anna E. (Age 10) Can Can (Flute)
Talula K. (Age 10) Lean On Me
Hagan R. (Age 10) Star Wars Main Theme (John Williams)
Katie H. (Age 10) Snowflake Rag
Kayla C. (Age 10) Fur Elise (Beethoven) Shining Star
Colin O. (Age 10) British Grenadiers
Dayla J. (Age 10) Spring Showers
Ethan L. (Age 10) Comptine d'un autre ete - L'apres-midi
Saanvi N. (Age 10) A Whole New World (Violin)
Keira K. (Age 10) Lily's Theme
Julian O. (Age 10) Dandelion Rag

Advanced Elementary (Ages 11-12)

Aimee L. (Age 12) Egyptian Rhapsody Shining Star
Lydia S. (Age 11) The Greatest Show
Skylar M. (Age 11) A Hat in Time: Train Rush
Eloise L. (Age 12) Minuet Waltz (Chopin) Shining Star
Justin P. (Age 11) Sonatina (Beethoven)
Rosario V. (Age 12) River Flows In Your
Max C. (Age 12) Musette In D (Bach)
Luiza A. (Age 11) All I Want for Christmas (Voice)
Ben B. (Age 11) Pirates at Sea
Elena L. (Age 12) Fabulous (Voice)
Eliza D. (Age 11) Secret Door
Mary M. (Age 11) Only You - Winter Sonata (Violin) - No Video Submitted
Cristian M. (Age 12) Scarborough Fair (Guitar) - No Video Submitted
Nolan S. (Age 12) The Entertainer (Joplin)
Maya S. (Age 12) Cool Cat Boogie Shining Star

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