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Meet Beethoven | App for iPad

Want to introduce your kids to the great composers with a fun (and sometimes wacky) interactive app?

"Meet Beethoven" from, is an elementary music education resource designed to send your child's excitement about music and learning into overdrive! Right from the beginning, "MB" draws kids in with vibrant images and content that they'll be excited to share with family and friends. Then, "MB" turns your kids into active learners, starting with an interactive game that drills the keywords they read in the introductory materials. At the core of the app, "MB" provides for a hand-on music making experience, by providing sheet music with interactive music learning tools for a variety of music instruments. In classic style, "MB" wraps things up with a wacky quiz called, "Pizza for Beethoven". Answer enough questions correctly, and Beethoven gets a pizza for dinner. Miss too many questions, and Beethoven goes to bed hungry.

Photo Gallery
Double Puzzle Word Scramble
Pizza for Beethoven Quiz

Sheet Music
Ode to Joy (Piano, Recorder, Band and Orchestra Instruments)
Beethoven's Fifth (Piano)
Fur Elise (Piano)

Our designers and developers build apps that children love and parents trust. Building on kids natural curiosity and desire to learn, we make apps that build kids up in positive ways, enriching their lives with an appreciation for music and learning.

Questions or comments about the app? Please shoot us an email at We'd love to hear from you!

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