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Jump the Hoop | Free Music Lesson Plan (Steady Beat)

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Grade K-3


Students will demonstrate an understanding of steady beat as they participate in this team-based movement activity. This lesson is designed to fulfill Standard #6 of the National Standards for Music: Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.


Did You Ever See a Lassie? (Sheet Music or Recording)
8 Hula Hoops

'Jump the Hoop' Music Lesson Plan

Step 1
Ask students, "Who wants to play a game?"

Step 2
The first thing that we need to do is learn, "Did You Ever See a Lassie?" Teach the song phrase by phrase. Ask students to pat their knees on beat one of each measure to gain a feel for the macro beat.

Step 3
Place hula hoops on the floor around the music classroom, and then assign four students to each hula hoop.

Step 4
Tell students, "To play the game you will jump in and out of the hula hoop to the beat of the music. If you are in the right place when the music stops you will remain in the game. If you are in the wrong place when the music stops you will be out of the game until the next game starts. The team with the most remaining players wins."

Step 5
Tell students, "Let's practice." Students jump on beat one of each measure (macrobeat).

Did you ever (jump) see a Lassie (jump),
A Lassie (jump),
A Lassie (jump),
Did you ever (jump) see a Lassie (jump),
Go this way (jump) and that (jump)?

Step 6
Tell students, "Let play. The team with the most remaining players at the end of the game wins." Predetermine that the game will last for ten/fifteen rounds. Every time the music stops it will be the responsibility of the teacher to scan the room to look for students that are not inside the hula hoop when they are supposed to be inside, or outside the hula hoop when they were supposed to be outside. Students who are out may participate by playing a drum or rhythm sticks to the beat.

Step 7
Reward the winners!


Older students also enjoy this game. Try a variety of meters, including 5/4. Music might include Mission: Impossible or Dave Brubeck's Take Five.

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