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Hey Kids, Meet Dmitri Kabalevsky
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Dmitri Kabalevsky (1904-1987) Russian Modern Era Composer

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Dmitri Kabalevsky was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia on December 30, 1904. As a young boy, Dmitri was encouraged by his father, a mathematician, to study mathematics. His interests, however, drew him to the arts. Eventually he became an accomplished pianist with interests in poetry and painting. He even spent three years as a theater pianist playing for silent films.

Kabalevsky's most important contribution to music is perhaps his effort to connect children to music. His "Twenty-Four Little Pieces" for piano solo is an example of the music he composed with the intention of bridging the gap between children's technical skills and musical aesthetics. He also led a music education pilot program in twenty-five Soviet schools.

Kabalevsky died on February 14, 1987. In spite of Russia's control over its composers and artists, Kabalevsky managed to build a successful career for himself.

Homeschool Lesson Plans

Play Kabalevsky's Music
Give your kids a hands-on music making experience. Ask your child's piano teacher about including the study of the following sheet music in their music lesson.
Dance for Easy/Level 2 Piano Solo

Learn about Dmitri Kabalevsky with a free printable worksheet.

Dmitri Kabalevsky | Word Search Worksheet
"Meet the Composer" Job Application Worksheet

Create a Writing Assignment
Write a few paragraphs on Dmitri Kabalevsky that includes facts about his life, music and culture. Then allow your child to be creative in their response to the YouTube Video clip.

Watch a YouTube Video
Watch a performance of Dmitri Kabalevsky's Clowns for piano solo on

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