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CodeMaker!: A Lesson in Note Naming
from The Lesson Zone

CodeMaker! note name worksheets provide an easy and fun cooperative learning activity for the music classroom.

Grade 4-6

Students will work in pairs for a cooperative learning lesson that will drill and practice note names of the treble or bass clef. This lesson is designed to fulfill Standard #5 of the National Standards for Music: Reading and notating music.

CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

Step 1
Introduce or review the note names on the white board for the notes on the selected worksheet (Treble or Bass Clef).

Step 2
Tell students, "The challenge of this activity is to come up with as many words as you can using only the letters of the musical alphabet. (It's okay to repeat letters.) After you have written the words in the blanks below the staff, turn them into code by writing the words in music notes on the staff above the word."

"You will have until 5 minutes before the end of class to come up with as many words as you can. Each of the words must be spelled out in music notes to count. The pair of students with the most words wins a prize."

Step 3
Ask students to find a partner and then find a place in the room to sit.

Step 4
Ask one member of the team to collect the worksheet, pencil and clipboard and return to where their partner is seated.

Step 5
Students begin brainstorming for words. Remind students that they must spell the words out in music notes for the word to count.

Step 6
Circulate through the classroom helping students to brainstorm for words and develop music notation and reading skills.

Step 7
Call time. Ask students to place their pencils down.

Step 8
Tell students, "Raise your hand if you completed 5 words." "Raise your hand if you completed 10 words." "Raise your hand if you completed 15 words."

Step 9
Reward the winners with the predetermined prize.

Have Fun!

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