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Join teachers across the country who already enjoy the benefits of adding their teacher profile to the MMF! Music Teacher Directory - the highest ranked website with a teacher directory on the planet!


Effective Profile
Creating an effective music teacher profile is easy. After creating your account, you'll be guided step-by-step with tips that will not only help you present your infomation clearly and effectively to visitors, but will enhance your ability to be found by search engines.

Information includes:
City, State and Zip Code
Subjects Taught
Levels Taught
Ages Taught
About Me Statement
Lesson Details
References (Optional)
Link to Your Studio Website (Specially formatted to enhance the search engine ranking of your own studio website.)


Easy Communication
Interested in easy? You've got it.

Many directories require you to return to their site, sign-in, and finally check your messages within your account. We email student inquiries directly to your personal email account.

Massive Visitor Traffic
Get ready to be dazzled! While we're not the biggest directory (launched in 2011), our website is visited more than any other music teacher directory on the planet.

Check out these stats:

  • 500,000+ students, teachers and parents visit MMF! each month!
  • MMF! is the highest ranked website with a teacher directory according to

Compare website ranking for the leading directories*:

  • - #116,231
  • - #1,422,276
  • - #2,787,019

*The lower the number the better the rank.

Doesn't it make sense to spend your hard earned money on a directory that has the potential to reach more potential students than any other?

Superior Value
Want incredible value? Here's where we're really going to blow your socks off!

Get an annual subscription for $59.95 USD FREE! Then pay $59.95 USD anually after that.

It's our Limited Time "Grow the Directory" Offer!

To keep this rate in effect for life you must maintain your PayPal subscription to the MMF! Directory. If you aren't grinning from ear to ear at the end of your first year, you can cancel your membership.

Questions? Email us at

Once it's full, this FREE TRIAL offer will be gone forever!

MMF! connects teachers with students and then provides them with
free resources that make learning fun.


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