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MMF! Beginner Piano Book | I Like Being Me (Lesson 1)
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Interested in learning how to play the piano? This video is the first in a series of lessons designed to help you do just that. We're even going to provide you with your first piano book. Print the MMF! All-in-One Beginner Piano Course, read through the introductory pages and complete the Color That Note! worksheets. When you're ready, start the video.

Hi there, and congratulations on your decision to play the piano!

This first lesson will teach you how to play the first piece in the MMF! All-In-One Beginner Piano Book, 'I Like Being Me'.

Let's get started. The first thing we need to do is identify the numbers of our fingers:

These numbers will appear above the music at times, and will help you to play the piece successfully.

The next thing we need to do is figure out where middle C is on the piano.

On the piano you will see sets of two black keys and three black keys. On the left side of the set of two black keys is C. Let's find a few C's.

Middle C is the one in the middle of the piano.

Middle C is the very first note of 'I Like Being Me', that you will find on page 7 of the book. Above the note we see a number 1. That means to play it with your thumb. Because the music is in the treble clef, you will use your right hand thumb.

Let's play it together.

The next note is D. You will play this note with your index finger - finger #2. Let's try play C-D.

The next note is E. You will play this note with your middle finger - finger #3. Let's try play C-D-E.

The next note is F. You will play this note with your ring finger - finger #4. Let's try play C-D-E-F.

The last note you need to learn for this piece is G. You will play this note with your pinky - finger #5. Let's try play C-D-E-F-G.

Now let's work on the rhythm of this piece. It begins with four quarter notes, followed by two half notes. Quarter notes get one beat and half notes get two beats.

Here's what the first two measures of music sound like.

When I performed the half notes I said half-note half-note. Using this phrase will help you to perform this rhythm correctly.

Let's try it together.

The next two measures are pretty much the same thing. The only difference is that the music ends with a whole note that gets four beats. I will use the phrase hold-that-whole-note when I perform the rhythm.

Let's try it together.

The next two measures are the same as the first two. I'll play it once, and then we can play it together.

The last two measures are almost the same as measures 3 and 4 except the notes go down. I'll play it once, and then we can play it together.

Here's what 'I Like Being Me' sounds like all the way through.

Practice this piece until you know it, and then try another one. You'll be great in no time!

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