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The web offers a growing collection of free music teacher directories and classified listing sites that help connect music teachers to students. Below is a collection of the best of these sites.
Music Peeps provides private music teachers everywhere with a free listing in our national database as well as a FREE personalized studio website. Add your own audio, photos, videos, and downloads to your very own Media Library page! Students looking for teachers can search our national directory for teachers in their area, free of charge. also provides teachers with studio management software, including an automatic payment processing service that allows teachers to accept credit card payments for lessons.

Want to find out more about this fantastic service? Check out's Frequently Asked Questions.
Craigslist is a worldwide classified ad service that is run very much like a non-profit business, and is now ranked 38 among the 182 million websites that currently populate the internet. If you would like to advertise you studio on, simply log on, and click on 'Post to Classifieds'. You can also set up a free account to edit your listings, or re-post them when they expire.
Backpage is a classified ad service that allows anyone to post ads in cities throughout the United States and Canada. Like Craigslist, can also set up a free account to edit your listings, or re-post them when they expire.

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